IIOT Use Case Podcast
Computer vision and real-time object detection with underwater acoustic modems.

What we learn from dolphins for IoT

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As passionate believers in open-source, microservices and API-based economy, we create digital platforms that turn vision into reality and solve complex challenges.
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We are experts in building scalable, secure and robust digital platforms on cloud-native technologies that...

...connect data, services and devices in real-time

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    Distributed Clouds
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    Data & event streaming
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    Edge computing

...analyze and generate actionable insights

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    Machine Learning
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    Natural Language Processing
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    Advanced Analytics

...automate workflows applications and processes

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    Conversational AI
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    Industrial Automation
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Our clients range from well-funded startups to Fortune 1000 leaders.

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We are a 35 year old startup. enterprise grade.
Our qualified team of more than 100 experts brings immense interdisciplinary experience to the table. With them, we don’t just get the job done; we get it done right.

These highly adaptable teams, together with defined structures, well-organized project management, a professional network, and dynamic human resources planning enable us to deliver outstanding results even for your most complex challenges.
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No great team is ever complete. Be part of a diverse culture that values innovation, individuality, and technological thinking.
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