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21. - 23. June 2021

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TDWI includes 70+ expert presentations and a digital exhibition. It offers the opportunity for professional development and practical knowledge transfer in the areas of data, business intelligence and analytics.
Our contribution

In-depth' look at CV: distance measurement in computer vision

Computer vision, one of the hottest areas in Artificial Intelligence, is taking over the 'visual world'. In this talk we discuss about how does the computer interpret and understand the digital images to identify and classify objects. Further, we'll take a look into a very small aspect, i.e. distance measurement, and how impactful it can be in different usecases. We also talk about the current developments and future prospects of Computer Vision.
Our Speaker
Akarsha Sehwag
Senior Data Scientist

Akarsha works as a Sr. Data Scientist in our Advanced Analytics team. She is skilled in Machine learning overall, but aims to specialise in Computer Vision. Before joining Steadforce, she has gained experience in Telecommunications and Renewable industry. She comes from Computer Science background with a focus on Data Science, with her research published in two major conferences.

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