Full laboratory automation based on autonomously-driving sample carriers

Real time control platform for a fully automated transport system for a provider of laboratory diagnostics

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An international pharmaceutical company wanted an intelligent laboratory diagnostics platform for its industry changing laboratory automation technology


The platform had to connect analysers from various manufacturers and control more than 20,000 blood samples at once in a system which expands over several floors and buildings of the laboratory


A fully automated platform with an intelligent routing engine optimizing blood sample paths and including track planning, management dashboards to monitor the system and tracks


Resilient IoT platform managing 20,000+ blood samples per day in a single lab on 1,000+ carriers generating 5 million data points per day which are automatically processed for continuous optimization

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Sebastian Honstetter

Area & Business Development Manager | OKR Master


For about 10 years I have been very enthusiastic about "agility", "new work" and "lifelong learning", both professionally and privately. I used to work as a paramedic until I found my way into IT and project management about 20 years ago.

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