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Our AI Starter Kit gets you started in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are numerous ways in which AI can add value to your business. We support you step by step with our expert knowledge and reveal potentials together.

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From hype to practice with our AI starter kit

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming industries and has already revolutionized the way we interact with technology. For those who are interested in implementing AI in their business, the process can seem daunting, especially if they are not sure where to start.

This is where we start with our AI Starter Kit and bring the AI hype down to earth for you. In a one-day workshop, our AI experts show you how you can generate value from Artificial Intelligence for your business. We show you the potential of the technology using exemplary use cases. Together with your domain experts, we identify promising potential use cases in your company, evaluate your existing data basis and prioritize according to added value and feasibility.

For the most relevant potential use case, we conduct a deeper evaluation of the data basis and feasibility after the workshop.
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Your Added Value

Business Outcome

High-level inventory of your company
You receive an initial assessment of the situation of your company regarding the integration of AI solutions. Our experts conduct a high-level inventory and analyze factors such as the quality of your data and potential use case ideas.
Customized AI strategy
Our experts assist you in identifying high-potential use cases and priorize them based on criteria such as added value and feasibility. We document the results and develop tailored recommendations for the next steps.
Realistic feasibility analysis for your AI proof-of-concept
Our team of AI experts makes a deep dive into the data relevant for the most promising use case. We analyze the feasibility and associated efforts for implementing a proof-of-concept for your company.


Application areas and methods of Artificial Intelligence
Learn more about different methods of Artificial Intelligence and their use cases. From machine learning to natural language processing and computer vision, we will introduce you to the various opportunities.
Challenges in developing a successful AI solution
Learn about the unique challenges that can arise in developing a successful AI solution. We address how to overcome all obstacles ranging from the availability and quality of data to technical limitations and the operationalization.
Find the use cases that are relevant to you
Learn about how you can leverage AI for your business case. Our AI experts present exemplary use cases and application examples. We specifically address your specific requirements and needs to identify together with your domain experts potential use cases for your company.

Use Cases Artificial Intelligence

One of the most promising and fascinating applications of Artificial Intelligence is Natural Language Processing, which enables computers to process, understand, and generate human language. These algorithms are used for a variety of applications such as language translation, sentiment analysis, and chatbots, such as Chat GPT.

In addition, Computer Vision is another exciting application of AI that allows machines to interpret and understand visual information from the world around us. Its applications are vast, ranging from object recognition and tracking to medical imaging, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality.

The possibilities for AI are endless, and it's up to you to leverage this technology for your maximum benefit.


One example of how AI can be applied in the industry is predictive maintenance. By analyzing data from sensors and machines, AI algorithms can detect patterns and anomalies to predict when maintenance will be required, allowing companies to address issues before they become critical and minimize downtime.


AI is being used to help diagnose diseases and develop personalized treatment plans for patients. Machine learning algorithms are being used to analyze large amounts of patient data to identify patterns and predict outcomes.


AI is being used to improve transportation systems by optimizing routes, predicting traffic patterns, and reducing accidents. Self-driving cars are a prime example of how AI is being used to revolutionize the transportation industry.
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