AI Starter Kit: Your Perfect Entry into the World of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI Starter Kit gets you started in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are numerous ways in which AI can add value to your business.We get you started and support you step by step with our expert knowledge and reveal potentials together.

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From Hype to Practice with our AI Starter Kit

One-day workshop

Our AI Starter Kit is specifically designed to break down what is often perceived as complex AI hype into tangible, practical steps that your organisation can realistically implement.

Through small implementations, you can quickly realise value and use your experience to expand your AI strategy.

Let's take the first step together towards making AI work for your business.

Outcome & Your Added Value

Application areas and methods of Artificial Intelligence

  • Methods of AI
  • Capabilities of AI
  • Relevant use cases of AI

Identification of potential use cases in your company

  • Identification of inefficient processes and pain points
  • Ideation on AI-based solutions

Prioritization based on value and feasibility

  • Prioritisation of the highest value use case
  • Evaluation of complexity

How to Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is like a whirlwind that is changing industries and redefining the relationship between humans and technology. AI consists of various interacting components. We would like to introduce you to three of these components below.

Some Components of AI


Natural Language Processing... about enabling intelligent machines to understand, interact and generate natural language text. Some of the most common NLP use cases include sentiment analysis in product reviews, chatbots and virtual assistants communicating in natural language and information extraction from unstructured text data.

Computer Vision... about giving machines the ability to understand and interpret digital images, video and other visual input, leading to numerous applications such as medical image analysis for diagnosis, automated quality control in manufacturing or object recognition in autonomous vehicles.

Machine Learning... about creating algorithms that can process, analyse and learn from data, and using this knowledge to make informed decisions, for example, fraud detection, personalised product recommendations or predictive maintenance in industries by forecasting equipment failures.
The possibilities for AI are endless, and it's up to you to leverage this technology for your maximum benefit.
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