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Sustainable Data Management for Successful Data Handling

Business data are valuable resources that can be used in many ways, for example to improve or automate processes with the help of analytics and/or AI, to support strategic decisions, to develop innovative products and much more.

To gain these important insights from data, a data infrastructure is required to capture, store, process, cleanse and visualise data. Based on this data, AI models can be trained or analyses can be performed.

It is challenging to find a suitable solution for a company among all the data management concepts, such as data mesh, data warehouse, data lake, etc. In addition, there are customisations that are necessary to meet the individual requirements of each company.

Our experts, who have many years of experience in data management, will provide you with valuable insights into best practices as well as the latest technologies as part of our starter kit. Together we will create a roadmap for the step-by-step implementation of your strategy that not only meets current requirements and needs, but is also effective and adaptable in the long term.

You will learn how to effectively collect data, transform it into meaningful insights and use advanced analytical techniques to gain competitive intelligence.

Implications of a Lack of Data Infrastructure

Data is generated in a wide variety of systems such as ERP, CRM, telematics, production facilities, tracking, website, HR, finance/sales and external data sources. However, there is no uniform repository to perform analytics based on this data. In addition, there is no homogeneous data quality, which can lead to misinterpretations, wrong conclusions and inefficient processes in the context of analyses.
In summary, the following problems occur:

  • No global reporting possible
  • No data accountability (data collection, data quality, data protection, etc.)
  • Reporting and analytics partly not feasible or unreliable due to insufficient data quality
  • No infrastructure for more complex analytics
  • Lack of clarity about the concrete design or possibilities of the data architecture
  • No possibility to implement global governance measures

Data Management Workshop

In our Data Management Starter Kit, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of proven data management strategies, tools and methods, addressing your individual requirements:

Presentation & Demo Modern Data Stack

There are various architectures and approaches that companies can use to build or further develop their data infrastructure. The keywords data mesh, data warehouse, data lake, etc. often come up. But which approach fits your requirements and your system landscape?

We present various combinations of technologies and tools that can be used to capture, store, process, cleanse, analyse and visualise your data.

Individualisation of Your Data Architecture

We understand that every company has unique data infrastructure requirements that need to be considered. For example, there are a variety of data sources, regulatory requirements or file types to consider. There may also be data from systems that are difficult to access or interpret.

Based on your data and system landscape, we jointly prioritise your needs and develop a strategy to meet them. As part of this, we address your individualisation, governance and data protection.

Results of the Workshop

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Outlining an individual roadmap, especially focusing on long-term sustainability and scaling
Identification of the most relevant data-driven business cases
Holistic and individual consideration of your data and system landscape
Approaches to governance, data protection and other relevant aspects

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