Kafka Security in Kubernetes

April 2021
February 2022

Apache Kafka is already present in many companies. Are you also thinking about using Apache Kafka, but are looking for more information about it? Learn more!

Sigs Datacom has published the first German eBook about "Apache Kafka" - with background information, current trends and experiences. We from Steadforce were also allowed to contribute with our expertise and are represented in this eBook with the topic "Domain-Driven Kafka-Security in Kubernetes".

In the eBook, we report how Apache Kafka was deployed as a messaging technology as part of a customer project to introduce a Kubernetes-based platform as the foundation for the development and global operation of production and business processes.

With a deep focus on technology, we describe how we were able to fully automate the IT processes around the deployment of Kafka using DevOps methodologies and put them under the responsibility of the domain developers. We also explore how we have simplified the secure integration into the application logic without compromising security.  In the eBook, we cover the technical setup, the business scenario, the transformation of IT processes into operators (description and automation of IT processes), and the integration of microservices with sidecars. These last aspect offer enormous simplification potential for the development of the core business logic: Many cross-sectional aspects can be placed in separate processes - the complexity of the deployment can be easily outsourced to the runtime environment.

Sounds exciting? Then download the free eBook or our webinar.

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