Lab Automation

We create systems as unique as your lab

Lab automation helps you to detect failures and malfunctions before they even occur. This leads to significant savings, greater stability and reliability.

Results of a Full Laboratory Automation Project

20,000 +
blood samples managed per day
100 +
Labs use the System
5 Mio
data points generated per day

What we can do for you


We support the fully automated control of all processes without human intervention. This includes the seamless integration and coordination of various processes and devices. Central process control enables the smooth execution of complex sequences and contributes to considerable time and cost savings.


Our use of simulations to project the time behavior and workflow of planned systems plays a crucial role in preemptively identifying utilization hot spots, throughput rates, and potential bottlenecks. This approach is invaluable for validating and enhancing the design and functionality of laboratory setups.

Lab workflow

Our ability to interface with laboratory information systems (LIS) or middleware, combined with our expertise in automation and equipment, allows us to develop customized laboratory workflows. These workflows are not just precisely defined; they are also flexible enough to adapt to changes, ensuring a continuous improvement in performance and efficiency in laboratory operations.

Analysis and Data Evaluation

By linking various data sources and employing advanced analytics, we offer insights that not only illuminate but also optimize laboratory processes. Decisions are grounded in solid data. Using a predictive maintenance approach we are enabling an early detection of equipment failures, planning efficient maintenance, significantly cutting downtime, and increasing laboratory efficiency.

Laborarory Planning

Efficient arrangement and integration of devices and processes are facilitated by planning and configuration tools for laboratory equipment. To meet changing requirements and conditions, our optimization tools ensure the laboratory environment's long-term flexibility and scalability.

Your Benefits

Cost and resource savings through consistent automation
Increased quality through the reduction of human error and comprehensive monitoring of processes
Increased process reliability through continuous monitoring of processes
Massive reduction in turnaround time and an increase in throughput thanks to automation
Transparency and traceability of all processes through continuous monitoring
Simple configurability of processes without the need for programming

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