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April 7th 2022 | 04 - 05 pm

Automating industrial processes using Computer Vision

Language: English | Duration: 45 min
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In the era of Industry 4.0, we are focusing on digitalizing operations using data. We let cameras ‘see’, detect and classify objects and even take some decisions for us. In this talk, we discuss what Computer Vision is, and learn how different industries could benefit /save recurring costs from it. We will take a close look at some interesting industrial of Computer Vision for you, to get some inspiration on how it can potentially help your company to grow, or just to understand the advancements in today’s world.
We will discuss how Computer Vision can
automate industrial processes
more them more efficient
ensure the product quality
detect anomalies
Our Speaker
Akarsha Sehwag
Senior Data Scientist

Akarsha is a senior data scientist at Steadforce. She has an in-depth expertise in AI with specialization in Computer Vision. After her studies in Computer Science with the focus on data science, she gained extensive experience in the telecommunications and renewable industries. She has published her research results at various international conferences.

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