"Digital Jetzt" and "Digitalbonus" for successful digitization

June 2023
"Digital Jetzt" and "Digitalbonus" for successful digitization

Digitization has long become a crucial success factor for companies and has a significant impact on competitiveness. In order to stay ahead and take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation, investments in technology and innovation are essential. State funding programs such as "Digital Jetzt" and "Digitalbonus" provide valuable support to companies in implementing their digitization projects. In this blog post, we would like to briefly introduce both funding programs.

The aim of both funding programs is to drive digitization in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Various digitization projects are financially supported through non-repayable grants, regardless of the industry. This includes the introduction of digital business processes, implementation of cloud solutions, improvement of IT security, or the use of artificial intelligence.

One significant advantage of the two funding programs, "Digital Jetzt" and "Digitalbonus," is the attractive funding rate of up to 50% of eligible expenses, capped at a maximum of 50,000 euros per company. With this financial support, companies have the opportunity to efficiently implement their digitization projects and manage the associated costs.

"Digital Jetzt" - Federal Funding Program

Companies must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the "Digital Jetzt" funding program. These include the size of the company (3-499 employees), a certain financial strength, and a specific digitization project. The company must have its registered office or a branch in Germany. Applications are submitted through a central platform and reviewed by experts.

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"Digitalbonus" - Bavarian Funding Program

The "Digitalbonus" funding program also has specific requirements. To be eligible for the program, the company must have a branch in Bavaria. Additionally, it must demonstrate a concrete digitization strategy or project. Company size also plays a role here, as the Digitalbonus mainly targets small businesses (less than 50 employees). It should be noted that there are exceptions, such as in agriculture and forestry.

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In addition to the mentioned funding programs, there are other programs available. One example is "go-digital," which also covers consulting services, among others.

It is worthwhile to examine the various programs and choose those that best suit the individual needs and goals of your company.

Digital transformation offers companies tremendous opportunities to be innovative, work more efficiently, and tap into new markets. We are pleased to support you with our comprehensive expertise in successfully implementing your digitization projects. Our many years of experience enable us to provide you with valuable opportunities and accompany you competently at every step of the process. Whether it's selecting a suitable funding program, the co-creation of your digital strategy or the implementation of new technologies.

Take advantage of the opportunities to turn your digital ambitions into reality.

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