Big data infrastructure for autonomous driving

Developing a highly scalable IoT solution to enable the mobility of the future for an international automotive OEM

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An automotive OEM wanted to establish the data infrastructure to enable autonomous driving at scale at level 3 as well as a limited size automated taxi fleet (level 4) as a pilot project


Given the criticality of the use case, the system had to ensure high availability and reliability while different data sources had to be connected and variable loads needed to be handled


A cloud-native microservices architecture for the different use cases with data streaming, IoT broker and stream based real-time monitoring (TICK standard)


A highly scalable IoT solution which will enable the mobility of the future

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Sebastian Honstetter
Area & Business Development Manager | OKR Master

Sebastian passion is to help customers to identify new ways of working and new technologies and to expand their business and develop intelligent automation systems and cloud data platforms using AI or streaming technologies in industry, automotive and healthcare using agile methods.

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