Steadforce joins new IIoT Use Case podcast episode

October 2021
February 2022

How can objects be identified underwater even while sonar robots produce images that are difficult to recognize? How could Steadforce support this and what is the connection between dolphins and IIoT? Find out all this in the 53rd podcast episode of IIoT Use Case, moderated by Madeleine Mickeleit, together with Stephan Schiffner (CTO at Steadforce) and Philipp Bannasch (team leader at EvoLogics GmbH), about sonar object detection in real time.

From underwater to the cloud with computer vision

E-scooters, old munitions, missing persons and other objects lying at the bottom of our rivers and lakes are nowadays more intuitively and quickly identifiable with autonomous sonar bots from the german high-tech company EvoLogics GmbH. Here, Steadforce has been able to use computer vision and cloud technologies to solve challenges such as detecting underwater objects on sonar images and the underwater robot's limited communication capabilities with the operator. You can learn more about the topic in our client case "Sonar Object Detection in Real-Time".

Listen to the new podcast episode now and dive into the underwater world.

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