Steadforce & Starburst at the IoT Use Case Podcast: An Insight into Data Mesh

December 2023

In episode #119 of the IoT Use Case Podcast, Steadforce had the pleasure of participating again with Starburst. Our focus was on a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the world of data and technology: Data Mesh.

Data Mesh not only stands for a technological change, but also for a new way of thinking when dealing with data that enables companies to fully utilise the potential of their data.

In the podcast, we discuss the opportunities Data Mesh offers and for which use cases it is relevant. You will learn how companies are supported in optimizing their data strategy and the role open-source technologies like Apache Kafka and Trino play in this context.

Learn more in this episode about the meaningful use of a Data Mesh and its benefits.

You can also find detailed information on the topic of Data Mesh in our article "Breaking Down Data Silos with Data Mesh".

You are aware of the benefits of a Data Mesh and want to find out how you canutilize them in your company. Steadforce offers you an easy entry with the Data Management Starterkit. Learn more about the Starterkit and get in touch with us directly.

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