Seminar administration for medical staff

Web application for the administration and conduct of seminars and their participants

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A medical association needs a system for offering and managing seminars for professionals and laypersons. Close cooperation with other systems, such as for the certification of further training, for the conduct of live online seminars, for the integration of e-learning content, as well as for the invoice dispatch, is necessary.
In the past, events were planned manually using spreadsheets and documents were generated using word processing. The standard processes required a lot of manual effort.
Our solution is an application in which the medical association staff, as well as the seminar participants, can carry out the standard cases themselves. Previous manual processes are carried out automatically by the system (e.g. moving someone up from the waiting list, creating lists of participants, sending information to participants in case of changes regarding seminars).
By introducing the multi-client capable web application, different administrative units can use a uniform system, which greatly reduces manual efforts. As a result, significantly more seminars can be offered.

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Web application for the administration and conduct of seminars and their participants

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