Buying behavior based up-selling management system

System for managing the recommendation emails with additional feature options for an automotive OEM

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A German car manufacturer wanted to increase their customer satisfaction with an improved marketing strategy by offering recommendation mails with features which fit to the personal profile of the customer.


We had to ensure that the email was compatible with all devices, that the recommendations were relevant for the customer, that all legal requirements and restrictions in all markets were met.


Our solution was a standard 3-Tier architecture with Oracle, Angular and Payara integrated with a large number of customer systems.


The client successfully used our solution in most European markets and thus increased its customer satisfaction and revenue.

Customer Feedback
"Six years ago, you quickly established a stable upselling management system that was described by our dealers as 'the best user interface [which the company's headquarters] had ever built' and was extended to a total of 20 European countries shortly afterwards. [...]. This would not have been possible without your expert knowledge, the pragmatic cooperation, the spirit you brought to the project and your heart and soul."

The Client

A German car manufacturer came to Steadforce on the recommendation of a management consultancy and wanted to implement an upselling management system in the aftersales area of its dealers. The system needed to be both customer-friendly and largely automated, as well as DSGVO-compliant. The car manufacturer's goal was to sell more additional equipment through the dealerships.

The Challenge

A big challenge for our team was the tight schedule, as the customer needed a productive first version within a very short time. The use in multiple countries, each with different legal and operational needs, required a large number of coordination and configuration options. For example, when calculating the price of an offer in connection with a leasing contract, not only the different leasing rules but also tax rates or calculation bases of the specific countries are taken into account. Furthermore, the application was integrated into a heterogeneous system landscape and therefore requires many interfaces to external systems. In addition, the aftersales area works with a lot of personal data from customers and employees. This involves high requirements in terms of data protection and security.

The Solution

Solution for a buying behavior based up-selling management system

The solution we developed for this purpose was the Upselling Management System (UMS). This application generates customizable e-mail templates for sales staff, which are specifically tailored to the vehicle requested by the customer. A pre-selection is made from several possible optional extras and different languages, financing options, discount systems and legal circumstances are taken into account. Afterwards, the dealers have the option of sending these e-mail templates to the customer. To meet the high requirements for data protection and security, we work on the basis of the need-to-know principle. This means that as little personal data as possible is stored and processed. Information that is no longer required, is automatically deleted at regular intervals. A reminder function informs sales staff of upcoming tasks, e.g., new upselling opportunities. Furthermore, an automated e-mail dispatch is possible after a certain period of time. The application also offers the option to capture customer feedback. On this basis, anonymized performance values can be calculated and successes visualized.

The Result

the result for a buying behavior based up-selling management system

Before UMS, there was no standardized system to make the aftersales area of the dealers more efficient. The system is now being used successfully throughout Europe in 20 countries and has already led to an increase in sales in the millions as well as an increased customer satisfaction.

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